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Savoury pastries

Simmone’s delicious savoury pastries are now available all the way up the eastern seaboard.

Food From the Heart

We have beautiful pies, quiches, and sausage rolls. Great for snacking, lunch, dinner, and entertaining. And naturally without any artificial flavours or colours. Available at Woolworths Australia-wide, in-store and online and at your local Harris Farms.

Simmone x

Cocktail Pies

Angus Beef & Vegetable Cocktail Pies
Angus Beef & Vegetable Pie
Cocktail Chunky Beef Pie
Cocktail Chicken & Leek Pie

Lunch Pies

Chunky Beef Pie
Chicken & Leek Pie

Family Pies

Family Chunky Beef Pie
Family Chicken & Leek Pie

Family Quiches

Family Leek, Gruyere, Spinach & Tomato Quiche
Family Quiche Lorraine

Cocktail Rolls

Cocktail Beef & Onion Sausage Roll