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The Team

Simmone Logue has become the business it is today thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team: a group of over 80 passionate and hard-working individuals Everyone has an important part to play, whether they’re working in our kitchen, office, cafe or catering team – and we love helping our team members tap into their potential and achieve their goals.

We’re always looking for fresh talent, so if you’re interested in joining our crew, why not get in touch? Full time and casual opportunities are often available across all parts of the business, so we’d love to hear from you.

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A group of people with a shared passion

“I started working at Simmone Logue in 2011 as an Assistant Accountant, and over the years it’s become more than just a company or a job for me. Simmone Logue is very much a family and I feel proud to be part of such great company.”

Jenny Luu Accountant

“I have been working as a Pastry Chef at Simmone Logue’s for over 16 years. Originally I alternated between her two stores, but I’m now based at head office where I am Head Pastry Chef and Pastry Production Development Manager.

One of the many reasons I enjoy working at Simmone Logue’s is that Simmone herself is often in the kitchen with her boots and wearing her chef’s jacket working on new recipes and menus for our many corporate customers, as well as our stores. With Simmone in the kitchen she makes herself available and accessible to everyone, which means I’m able to talk freely with her about new product ideas that I and my team have.

Being with Simmone for so long is testament to the great environment she helps create in this business, and I’m looking forward to the next 16 years.”

Anthony Grace

“I joined Simmone and the team back in 2006 in the Balmain store where it all began. Starting out as a counter hand to successfully develop partnerships with Australia’s leading supermarkets such as Woolworths, IGA, and specialty retailers. It’s been very rewarding for me, working for a passionate and committed fresh food company. One I hope to work for many more years to come.”

Helen Kalantzis